The Top 3 OLED 4k TVs for Sale

If you are a fan of television chances are you have come to truly appreciate the clearer picture provided by the new sets on the market today. OLED 4k televisions are some of the most popular. These state-of-the-art sets give incredibly clear, sharp pictures, amazing sound, and can be placed virtually anywhere in your home.

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Top 10 Products I have found online for Geeks

I consider myself as a Geek and fascinated with the unusual things that would make my mind think and work from the inside, I have found cool and unusual products online on different sites that would surely amazed the Geeks like me… For example, this one!

Signs that You are a “Geek”

Do you love Math and are always amazed on numbers? Do you prefer coded message instead of simple writing? You are too fast in solving “Sodoku”?? then you are a certified Geek! Here are more signs that the geeks will say.. “welcome to the club!”

What is Low Latent Inhibition (LLI)?

Concentrating on every sight, sound, and thought that enters your mind can make a man insane. It interferes with a creature’s chase for something to eat, or an occupied individual’s effort to rest. As you may figure, a psychologist has a term for disregarding the unessential; they called it Latent Inhibition.