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Entourage Returns!

WARNING: This post contains spoilers. Read at your own peril.

Last night marked the fantastical return of the entirely awesome Entourage to US TV. Sadly, living in UK I’ll have to wait a couple more days (or perhaps even weeks) to see the episode and I just can’t wait.

Entourage has to be one of the easiest shows to watch on TV, with the interplaying characters complementing each other quite beautifully. Also, the show brightens up the summer TV schedule with only Burn Notice really competing with it for my attention.

Also, season 7 of the show prtoves to be a pivotal one, with sources suggesting executive producer Mark Wahlberg planning a movie spin-off for the show roughly sketched into his diary for 2011.

So, for all the fans who have yet to watch the episode or are wondering just what the hell I’m going on about and I’ve managed to pique their interest check out the Season 7 trailer below:

This entirely awesome trailer not enough? Well wait, there’s more! Check out the first episode of season 7 synopsis below:

The boys are back, and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) appears to be done with his UCLA business classes. That is, if the car service he is operating out of the house is any indication, complete with Mercedes-Benz cars and equally well-built women to drive them. He hands out the assignments, only to find Alex late (again) and not exactly in uniform. (not that anybody would complain) Turtle gets a ride to Vince’s set, where Vince (Adrian Grenier) is in a new Nick Cassavetes movie. The only problem is Nick doesn’t like a shot of Vince’s double being on fire and falling down a stairwell. He wants Vince to do a car jump stunt himself. Vince is goaded into doing it so people don’t think he’s a wimp or not a team player. Naturally, Eric (Kevin Connolly), Drama (Kevin Dillon), and Turtle have varying opinions, E being the one to freak out, Drama relating a story of a stunt he did once (on My So Called Life), and Turtle is worried about their license to print money getting injured. Eric calls Ari (Jeremy Piven), who is swamped with requests from the likes of Jessica Simpson, Ryan Reynolds, and more. This, of course, goes against his entire principal of being the biggest agent in the world so he can get other people to do his work. As his worker bees sit around and not do much, Ari tells E that Cassavetes is tough when it comes to method acting, but he’ll go down to the set and work on it, much to the chagrin of Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) and their parent-teacher conference.

Drama pays a visit to Phil Yagota (William Fichtner), who disappoints him by saying the network won’t green-light any new show for him. Drama only has eight weeks left on his holding deal, and Phil asks Drama to talk to Lloyd (Rex Lee) about putting the script reading into overdrive. Drama sees Ari in the office and demands a team to help him read scripts so something gets approved within the eight weeks. However, Lloyd had been holding back the truth. Several of the scripts Phil said weren’t going through were. Just, not for Drama. Either he was too old, too young, or not good-looking enough. Drama is discouraged, but Phil assures him to keep trying and they will find the script to fit him.

After Ari has a pleasant talk with Nick Cassavetes on the set about Vince doing the stunt (translation: if Ari tries to shut it down, Nick will break his f’in neck), the guys gather back at the house to discuss the latest problems, Ari included. Turtle finally got rid of Alex giving her a hug after she cries about her parents’ divorce…and almost turned it into a kiss. Vince keeps going back and forth about whether to do the stunt, and Ari is wondering what he was doing there and not keeping his dinner with Mrs. Ari. Finally, Vince makes a decision. He’ll do the stunt. Nobody thinks he’s a wimp for not doing the stunt, except himself.

The day of the stunt arrives, and everybody is on set. Nick shows support by filming Vince himself in the car. The stunt goes off, the car jumps the bridge and is set on fire, and it works…until the brakes fail. The car crashes into a building and is ablaze. After several tense seconds, Vince emerges from underneath the car, dazed but otherwise OK. Everybody was worried, but he got this far-off look on his face before asking Nick if he could do it again. He doesn’t have to, but everybody was still concerned.

Source: imdb.com

Last season, new episodes of the show aired approx 4-5 days after the debut in the US, but as of writing this there is no set date for the show to return to UK TV – I just hope ITV get their fingers out of their asses and the show on our TV screens soon!


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