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New Walking Dead Promo Released

New Walking Dead Promo released - the hospital scene...it's awesomeo!

With the opportunistic Halloween start date for the new Walking Dead TV series looming, it seems the creators are enjoying tantilising the fans with snippets of sheer awesomeness which we are devouring in plentiful amounts.

This week they give us the the first section of the opening Hospital scene where Rick wakes from his coma (reminiscent of 24 Days Later) to find that his world has turned to shit around his ears. Check out the promo below:

If you’re wondeirng just what in the hell all this is about, well then check out the Walking Dead trailer below – but watch out. Soon as you watch it, you’re hooked for good:

Thanks for the heads up, Blastr!

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2 Responses to New Walking Dead Promo Released

  1. nomark says:

    Im not going to be watching this…..

  2. The Master of Awesomeness says:

    You bitter, bitter bastard :-P

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