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Tron 3 IS DEFINITELY in the works!

Tron 3...confirmed?

Just found this article on the interwebs from Deadline.com and nearly fell off my damn chair!

Tron 3 has been confirmed!

There have been a number of rumours of the third movie’s confirmation for some time, with speculation regarding the introduction of Cillian Murphy’s Ed Dillinger character in Tron: Legacy. Ed Dillinger is of course the son of the antogonist from the first movie (of the same character name, played by David Warner) and small cameo seemed to me like it was a subtle character plant to build up to the villain and or storyline for Tron 3.

And the below footage of the Dillinger chat, an easter egg on the Tron: Legacy DVD seems to reinforce that theory.

But in the previously mentioned Deadline article there is no speculation, there’s only confirmation.

The basis of the article discusses how Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski passed fellow director to become the king of first time director movie gross returns. It reported how Tron: Legacy grossed $399 millions global on Kosinski’s directoral debut, over-taking the next highest directoral Debut, for JJ Abrams’s Mission Impossible III (which grossed $397.5 million global), but then went onto confirm what Tron fans all over the world were dying to hear.

Tron: Legacy’s performance certainly gives the studio reason to think it has poured the foundation for a franchise. Disney has begun work on a sequel, which Kosinski is constructing with original writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Wow. Not only is work on the third Tron movie already in motion, but by the looks of it is retaining Kosinki’s services, as well as the talents of the Tron: Legacy writers.

Amazing news, right? Fuck yeah it is!

What do you think? Were you a fan of Tron: Legacy? Are you happy of a third installation of the Disney classic? What do think the plotline will actually be? As always, let us know in the comments below!

Via Deadline.com

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3 Responses to Tron 3 IS DEFINITELY in the works!

  1. Sprite says:

    Excellent news!

  2. Gonzo says:

    Yeah, when I saw Tron Legacy I thought the insertion of Cillian Murphy’s character was more than just a cameo, nodding towards the original. Why would Murphy take on such a cameo if there wasn’t going to be more to it?

    At the time, I have suspected he’d play more of a role in Tron Legacy itself, but obviously the narrative didn’t out that way.

  3. The Pixelator says:

    That is fantastic news!

    Also, thanks for the easter egg share…hadn’t seen that before! That does seem promising…

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