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Halo 4 Announced! Details and TRAILER Revealed Inside (spoiler alert)!

Halo 4 Announced!

The Microsoft E3 Expo officially is set to commence tomorrow (through till Thursday 9th), but it seems Microsoft just couldn’t wait! In a pre-event press conference today, they officially announced that Halo 4 will be hitting the stores in 2012! Please join me when I say: Fuck Yeah!

We have more details inside, so please guard yourself if you don’t want to read any spoilers!

Halo 4 Coming 2012!

It has been known for some time that production company 343 Industries would be charged with creating the next Halo title, the remake of Halo – Combat Evolved, which is set to be released later this year and they’ve also teased the idea in the past, commenting that they didn’t intend to let the ending of Halo 3 be the last we hear of the Master Chief. Well, now they’ve very solidified these rumours and Halo 4 will indeed pick up where Halo 3 left off and there’s more! Halo 4 is set to be the first in a new Halo trilogy, meaning (for those of you who aren’t so hot at math) 343 Industries will grace us with a further two games after this one!

Will you join me in a double Fuck Yeah!

Now, let’s check out the trailer…

Oh dear god that was awesome! Right? What do you think? Are you as blown away about this news and this fucking crazy awesome trailer as much as I am? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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5 Responses to Halo 4 Announced! Details and TRAILER Revealed Inside (spoiler alert)!

  1. MasterChief says:


  2. Corelli says:

    Man, that trailer looks awesome!

  3. Smiko says:

    So excited! Roll on 2012!

  4. TechieGuy1983 says:

    Arguably the best sci-fi game ever? First of another trilogy? Hell yes!

  5. timmy says:

    finally it happens iv’e been waiting forever

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