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Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

Walking Dead just $9.99

I can’t be denied the first season of Walking Dead was an international hit, enamouring viewers everywhere with it’s gritty and credible outlook on the zombie apocalypse story.

Being a fan of the comic books, I knew it was going to be good from the start. The quality leaks from the pages of Robert Kirkman’s and it would’ve been difficult to fuck up any TV show even if the great Frank Darabont hadn’t been involved.

Granted, being a fan of the comic books does have its drawbacks. The battle with the original material against the new medium and the dramatic leaps the TV show takes from the comic books left a bitter taste in my mouth at first, but after a time I learned to deal with it. Some of the changes actually made sense, whilst others have simply been done (as far as I can make out of season one) simply because they can’t show it on TV – or so it has been widely speculated (Carl killing Shane for example). The inclusion of new characters I still haveb’t gotten my head around.

In any case, a trailer for season 2 has emerged on the interwebs today and it seems to show the story picking right on up with it’s gritty and credible outlook as well as the undeniable quality of the film making.

Check it out.

I can’t wait for season 2! What did you think? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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