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David Morrissey to Play The Govenor on Walking Dead in Season 3!

Walking Dead just $9.99

It has been known for some time that the hit AMC show The Walking Dead has been picked up for a third series, hell, with the kind of premiere figures the show got when it came back last October, it was hardly suprising.

David Morrissey to play The Govenor in Walking Dead Season 3

Today, however, comes more good news. It seems that English actor David Morrissey (known from such works as The Reaping, Basic Instinct 2 and State of Play) has been cast in the role of The Govenor in the third series.

Fans who follow The Walking Dead comic book, will instantly recognise the character and will also no doubt approve of the direction in which the show is taking (let’s be political and say the show is diverting away from the source material quite a bit…). The Govenor is one of the most memorable characters from the comic book run and plays a pivotal part in the fortunes of the band of Zombie survivors.

I am a big fan of the comic series and so know how the group fares with The Govenor, but I’m reluctant to spoil it for folk who are just watching the show. However, if you are eager to find out what happens with The Govenor, then check out The Walking Dead wiki page.

What do you think of this news? Think Morrisset will do a good job? Happy to see The Govenor cast? Excited about the direction in which the show is heading? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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