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7 Awesome Links of the Week: Dirk Gently, Avengers, Prometheus, Dr Who, Sons of Anarchy, Watchmen and Community!

Community: The Dark Thriller!

This week has been full of absolutely awesometastic geek news that has somehow managed to just pass by…for a time at least! Now, I have links my top 7 awesome new stories/cool tidbits of the week for your browsing pleasure!

What will this entail? Link the title of this post says, I have spome Avengers, Prometheus and Sons of Anarchy Season 5 information for you – check it out!

Earlier this week, I shared with you a couple of awesome bits with you myself. Like a 10 minute clip from the forthcoming John Carter movie that just about changed my mind on the movie entirely, an entirely awesome Community trailer which portrays the dark side of the cult comedy show, as well as breaking the fantastical news that Justified has been renewed for a 4th season so I’m sure you can agree awesome news has already been coming thick and fast – just wait until you see what else we have for you!

  • First Reviews of new Douglas Adams Series Dirk Gently hit the Interwebs.
  • First of all, Douglas Adams’ adapted Dirk Gently TV show was aired on Monday night (BBC 4) and received favourable reviews from whatculture.com. Starring Stephen Mangan, Darren Boyd and Helen Baxendale, the show was granted a 3 episode arc based on a decent display from the pilot despite initial views a show based on this character was simply undoable. Here’s the whatculture.com review:

    This opening episode see’s Dirk on four seemingly unrelated cases, there’s the secret admirer he has who is sending him toy pigs and abusive cards, the recent murder of a man who believed the pentagon were watching him, a woman who believes her husband is having an affair and after an encounter with the husband Dirk gets himself hired to investigate why his latest client’s horoscopes are all coming true.

    Let’s get this out the way now; this isn’t strictly speaking a faithful adaptation of the books or character. Considering I am a big fan of all of Douglas Adams’ work I thought this would bother me more, but it doesn’t.

    Darren Boyd as Macduff is a great piece of casting, in some ways the mismatched pair remind me of Sherlock and Dr Watson from Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss, only played for more laughs and with noticeably much less money.

    I was thrilled when this got picked up for a series, granted 3 episodes isn’t much (works for Sherlock) but I had hoped it would have moved to BBC 2. There’s nothing wrong with BBC 4, and my only problem with this solid and funny opening episode, was the clearly very low production budget. Not that shoving buckets of money at a project means it will be good,

    These little things don’t prevent the episode being good, enjoyable and it’s about as quintessentially Adams as a modern TV adaptation is ever likely to get.

    Howard Overman (Misfits) has done a good job in adapting the novels, the dialogue is sharp and Boyd and Magan make for a great double act. Having previously shared limited screen time in Green Wing, it’s good to see them spark off each other.

    This isn’t going to be a huge hit but it’s very well written, the cast are all excellent and the tone is just right. Dirk Gently might not be a faithful adaptation but it’s a huge amount of fun.

  • New German Avengers trailer reveals a little more unseen footage.
  • This german trailer reveals two new extended scenes (click the above link to see the trailer) which includes an extended Tont Stark scene and an ending Tony Stark scene. Here’s the jist of what was said:

    he German trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers has come online and features two new scenes – an extended Tony Stark scene and a new end scene. Thanks to ‘alexlachiusa’ from the SuperHeroHype Forums, here is a translation of what is said:

    Extended Tony Stark Scene:

    Tony: And following orders is obvious not my style.
    Cap: And everyone knows that style is all you care about.
    Tony: From all the people around here, who wears the most figure-hugging outfit?

    End Scene with Tony:

    Tony: I promise a stress-free environment. No suprises.
    Banner: Ow!
    Cap: Hey!
    Tony: You really got it under control, don’t you. Whats your secret? Relaxing Jazz, Bongo Drums?
    Cap: Is everything like a joke to you?
    Tony: If it’s funny!

  • A stunning new Prometheus image goes viral and shows us all the capabilities of alien technology.
  • Prometheus has been one of those films that’s intrigued me since news of it first broke out. If you look past the whole will there/won’t there be aliens department and look at this movie as just a really decent science fiction movie and this new hi-res image which has been released (click the above link to see the full image) is absolutely breath-taking. If you haven’t already seen the trailer for this movie, check my post right here with both trailers in it.

  • New art for forthcoming Before Watchmen comic books is released.
  • There has been much debate regarding DC’s decision to revisit Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s Watchmen universe. Moore is naturally against it and some Moore loyalists are too, but looking at the quality of writers and artists and given the undeniable compelling nature of the characters involved in the story I’m more than a little excited to see DC revisiting Watchmen…what do you think?

    Here’s a list of the writers and artists working on the revisted Watchmen series:

    RORSCHACH (4 issues) – Writer: Brian Azzarello. Artist: Lee Bermejo

    MINUTEMEN (6 issues) – Writer/Artist: Darwyn Cooke

    COMEDIAN (6 issues) – Writer: Brian Azzarello. Artist: J.G. Jones

    DR. MANHATTAN (4 issues) – Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Artist: Adam Hughes

    NITE OWL (4 issues) – Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Artists: Andy and Joe Kubert

    OZYMANDIAS (6 issues) – Writer: Len Wein. Artist: Jae Lee

    SILK SPECTRE (4 issues) – Writer: Darwyn Cooke. Artist: Amanda Conner

  • Farscape meets Dr Who as details on Ben Browder’s appeance on Cult British Sc-Fi Show are Revealed
  • Both Farscape and Stargate SG1 are two of my all time favourite TV shows and say that I’m a fan of Ben Browder is something of an understatement. Whilst Dr Who isn’t my favourite TV show in the world, I’m glad to see him on TV again. Here’s what little information the article on the news:

    According to this month’s Doctor Who Magazine (via Doctorwhotv.co.uk) Farscape’s John Crichton, Ben Browder will appear in the third episode of the series. An episode written by Toby Whithouse and set in the Wild West!

  • A new trailer in honour of the return of cult TV comedy Community delights fans all around the interwebs.
  • Community is my favourite show on TV at the moment. It’s funny, it’s geeky and it’s more compelling than almost anything I’ve ever watched on TV. Only Chuck can even compare to it. With the second half of the season returning a week today (15th March), NBC have been promoting the TV show like they actually like it. With a further season still up in the air and the network messing around with the scheduling of this season, it’s easy to see they don’t favour the show yet the fans have spoken – save Greendale! Check out the trailer in the link above and make sure you tune in next week!

  • Storyline details emerge for Sons of Anarchy Season 5.
  • The fifth season of the entirely awesome Sons of Anarchy will restart again this fall and I can’t wait to see what the show has in store for SamCro. Luckily, EW.com’s “Inside TV” has some great insider information about what will occur in season 5:

    Jax’s struggle
    The season picks up around three weeks after the events in the finale, Sutter told EW on the red carpet, and finds Jax still sitting at the head of the table. The season will explore “the ripple effect that has on the guys — their loyalties and where people land [on the issue],” said Sutter. “For me, the dynamic that’s fun to play out this season is the struggle of being king. Can you be the leader of an organized crime syndicate and not become Clay? And if you’re not like Clay, will you be forced to suffer the same fate as John Teller?…For Jax, it’s the struggle between those two father figures and what he may and may not become.”

    Tara, interrupted

    In past seasons, Tara has struggled with whether or not she’s wanted to be part of the SAMCRO world, but this season leaves little doubt, Sutter said. “She’s clearly in. But she’s now figuring out, ‘Who am I in this world?’ Can I still be Dr. Tara Knowles and be the supportive queen I need to be?”

    David Pope will debut

    As Sutter told EW after the finale, his season will introduce David Pope, the man whose daughter was killed by Tig (Kim Coats). He has not been cast yet.

    Opie will continue to struggle
    Poor Opie. A failing second marriage, a dead dad, and a club in shambles. What’s a guy to do? Well, season 5 will find Ryan Hurst’s Opie still trying to wrap his head around what’s going on in his life and whether or not there’s repair to be had. “We’ll really get to play that out with Opie and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and see how that relationship has changed and if you can come back from that.”

    No Gemma/Tig action… probably
    While the world was crumbling in Charming, it didn’t escape fans that Gemma and Tig became especially close. (Though there had been hints of chemistry before.) Sutter, however, remains unconvinced it will lead to much more. “I don’t think Tig and Gemma have ever hooked up. There’s always been an attraction,” Sutter said. “Tig has been the third wheel in that relationship for years. I don’t know where that’s going to go.”

    More Shield vets on the way?
    A number of actors who once appeared on The Shield, which Sutter executive-produced, have made their way onto Sons, but don’t hold your breath for an appearance from Michael Chiklis. “I think it would be really difficult to bring Michael onto the show and not have that character be overshadowed by Vic Mackey. I’m still thinking of ways to do that because I love Michael, but that would be a tough one,” he admits.

    Scoops aside, Sutter also shined light on his efforts to produce a prequel to Sons that would explore the story of the first nine members. He’s expressed his desires to produce the show to FX, he said, but it remains on the sidelines for now. “It’s definitely out there,” he said. “I see it as a really different show … I see it more as a political and social [and] historical show, in terms of [incorporating the story with] everything that was going on in the ’60s — like Vietnam.”

What do you think of these totally fantastical news shots? Which of them intrigues you the most? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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