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Joss Whedon Confirms Who The Avengers WON’T Be Facing in the Upcoming Avengers Movie

The new avnegers movie will start shooting in may

Speculation has been rife for months regarding the nature of the threat The Avengers will face in the upcoming and highly anticipated Avengers movie (Avengers Assemble if you live in the UK). Well, today Joss Whedon has confirmed who it WON’T be. Read on for possible spoilers.

The main villain, as we all know, will be Thor‘s brother Loki. That much was pretty much confirmed at the end of Thor and recently even more apparent in the spectacular array of Avengers trailers that have been hitting the interwebs in the build up to the inevitably fantastical movie.

However, although Loki has been predominantly seen as the main antagonist in the movie he is clearly not acting alone. In that latest trailer we can clearly see the Hulk ripping through what appears to be alien spacecraft and also a giant metallic creature which the Avengers seemingly must defeat.

The first assumption, and the assumption that has been in place long before the trailer, is that Loki’s allies are in fact the Skrulls. Not only because they are arguably Marvel’s most well known alien species but also because of the certain striking similarities the Avengers movie has with The Ultimates comic book. However, these rumours were seemingly quashed and other rumours emerging ranging from The Kree to the great Marvel villain Thanos himself. Then of course the Skrulls rumour resurfaced when eagle-eyed fan noticed Marvel Skrull games emerging from the production line. It was also suggested that keeping with The Ultimates storyline, the Skrulls aren’t actually called the Skrulls (at least initially) in the storyline. So it was suggested they were sold on this name, when it was actually the Skrulls all along. Weak and complicated and entirely confusing, I realise, but us eager fans are just DYING to know.

Today, Joss Whedon has at least managed to water down our frenzy a little, by confirming who Loki’s allies WON’T be in the movie once and for all.

“I will say only this: It’s not the Kree or the Skrulls,” Whedon told EW.com. “Those two aliens are Marvel mainstays and have enormous backstories. They have a big life of their own that just could not be contained in a film where I already had seven movie stars.”

The Skrulls — they can shape change,” he said. “That’s a whole thing I’ve already got Loki. He’s got magic. Once you got magic along with your Iron Man and your Black Widow — it’s a real juggling act.”

So there you have it. It definitely won’t The Kree or The Skrulls. It may not be a surprise to some, but may be a complete shock to others. So I guess the question now is: who are Loki’s allies? Who do you think they are? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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4 Responses to Joss Whedon Confirms Who The Avengers WON’T Be Facing in the Upcoming Avengers Movie

  1. warcraff says:

    His allies maybe well be the Red Skull’s Hydra. Or and offshoot of Hydra. Maybe. Red Skull used a device we can surmise came for a realm on the Yddragsil tree that may have a connection to Loki or Thor.

  2. The Master of Awesomeness says:

    Interesting point, I hadn’t thought of that!

  3. Luis says:

    I’ve been arguing with some friends if that big thing flying after Iron Man would be the Fing Fang Foom.

  4. The Master of Awesomeness says:

    I’ve heard that banded around for some time…it make sense and I think it is that, but who are the aliens in the space ships?

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