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Walking Dead Season Finale Ratings = Through the Roof!

Walking Dead just $9.99

So, the Walking Dead finale aired last night in the US and as expected it was an awesome ride of living dead gruesome awesomeness just like the finale trailer we shared with you just the other day promised.

And how did it do? How do you think? It blew the fucking roof off!

Just so you know, I won’t be sharing any spoilers just in case folk haven’t had chance to see it yet (and if not, WHY not?) but I will be sharing with you is how many people actually tuned in to watch the show.

C’mon guess. 5 million? Nope. Higher. 6 million? Nope. Higher. 7 million? Nope.

9 million people actually tuned in to watch the show. That’s right 9 MILLION. It’s the highest ratings the show has received throughout the entire series, justifying AMC already renewing the show for the third season after the very first episode of season 2 – I just hope the goddman network doesn’t divert funds away from the show to fund Mad Men next year. Fucking idiots.

And next year’s about to get even better with the infamous character from the comic book – The Govenor – already being cast (okay, so one TINY little spoiler) and judging from the season finale that’s only the beginning. If you haven’t already watched it – seriously do it!

Did you see the season finale? If so, what did you think? Looking forward to season 3? What do you think’s in store for our band of survivors? Please let me know in the comments section below!

Missed out on season 1 of the show?

via Spoiler TV

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