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Gervais Spills on An Idiot Abroad Season 3, What’s Next for Life’s Too Short and his New Character – Derek! Want to See Karl Pilkington act?

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Let’s just call this a Ricky Gervais/Karl Pilkington info dump, shall we? First of all, we have a status update on An Idiot Abroad season 3, Gervais’ thought process on the future of a Life’s Too Short and the debut of Gervais’ semi-controversial (Gevais? Controversial? Never!) new character Derek – in which Karl Pilkington will play an acting part.

Yes, you read that right. Karl Pilkington will be acting in Gervais’ Derek and we have a picture inside to prove it – it looks hilarious!

First of all, An Idiot Abroad season 3: The Short Way Round. Earlier in the month Gervais announced they’d started pre-production on the show at the start of this month, “We’ve basically only sorted the budget and a rough route at the moment, but it feels great to actually be working on it, and it means that Karl is in too deep to pull out now. Ha ha.”

So for any of you in doubt, the show is happening. I know Karl always says “never again” after every season of An Idiot Abroad, but nevertheless he’s definitely going to be back again to endure even more…abuse. However, this time he won’t be alone. This time he’ll have Life’s Too Short star Warwick Davis to accompany him.

Thinking of Life’s Too Short, Gervais has also recently discussed what’s going to happen next with the show. “I’ve started kicking round ideas with Steve for another Life’s Too Short on top of all this. We are thinking of going straight to the Xmas Special. Lazier and lazier. Now it’s down to ONE series and a special. Ha ha.” Pretty cool, huh? I don’t know about any one else, but I’m looking forward to seeing more Warwick action and another fantastic Gervais/Merchant Christmas special.

Gervais also seems to have struck more comedy gold in his show regarding his new character Derek. Recently Gervais shot a pilot for the show, in which a Digital Spy review described his character Derek as …a 49-year-old man with an underbite who views the world with innocent eyes and lives only to make others feel a little happier. He’s the type who gets immense joy out of simple things like Deal Or No Deal, caring for worms and pudding. His love for the elderly residents of his nursing home and his few friends is completely pure. There’s no ulterior motive for his actions – he’s not craving popularity like David Brent, or desperate for fame like Andy of Extras.”

And as for Karl Pilkington’s involvement in the show, “But Derek is by no means a one-man show. Karl Pilkington gives an effortlessly funny performance as Dougie, Derek’s friend and landlord. Given that this is the Idiot Abroad star’s first acting role, the character really is a thinly veiled version of Pilkington himself – even down to the “alwight”s. But that’s no bad thing.”

Karl Pilkington in Derek

Daniel Sperling in his Digital Spy review goes on to say that, “The character’s miserable outlook fits Pilkington like a glove and he gets away with being the outlet for Gervais’s trademark close to the bone moments because most of the dialogue could have very well come out of his own mouth. The bit where he argues the elderly residents might as well be declared dead because they don’t move and his frustrated outbursts as Derek/Gervais natters away in his ear may have well been broadcast on Xfm.”

Already I’m loving the sound of this show. I just hope Gervais finds the time for it. When discussing the show on his blog, it’s clear he’s eager to expand on the character a little more in a full series, but wonders when he’ll get around to it “what with the various tours I want to do over the next couple of years”.

All in all, a pretty cool info dump right? Are you looking forward to Derek? Are you interested in seeing Karl Pilkington act? Would you like to see a Life’s Too Short christmas special? What do you think Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis will get up to in An Idiot Abroad 3: The Short Way Around? Please let me know what you think in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you!

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Via The Ricky Gervais Blog and Digital Spy

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