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Alan Partridge to Hit Sky Atlantic! A-ha!

Ah-ha! I'm Alan Partridge!


You read that right! We’re getting MORE Alan Patridge on our TV screens…but this time on Sky Atlantic! Back of the Net!

For my American readers, this may mean nothing to you but to UK readers Steve Coogan’s (Our Idiot Brother, The Trip, The Other Guys, Night at the Mueseum 1&2, Tropic Thunder, Hot Fuzz etc) character Alan Partridge is something of a cult comedy icon. His shows are instantly quotable and often specialise in that certain kind of cringe-worthy TV in the same realm as Curb Your Enthusiasm (which Coogan did guest star as Dr Bright in 2007). I seriously suggest those not familiar get in touch with Steve Coogan’s lesser known works with this DVD: The Steve Coogan Collection featuring: Knowing Me, Knowing You, I’m Alan Patridge and Saxondale amonsgt other things

UK readers already with an established knowledge of Steve Coogan’s work will be delighted to know as part of a production deal between Sky Atlantic and Coogan’s production company, Baby Cow, which will see two one hour Alan Partridge specials as well an adaptation of his online TV series Mid Morning Matters – a TV show regarding Partridge’s regional radio show.

The deal will also see a show called “Welcome to the Place of my Life” which will see Partridge viewers on a tour of his beloved home county of Norfolk; This, presumeably, will contain stories from the mock Alan Partridge biography (I, Partridge: We Need to Talk about Alan – or for UK readers, you can view the book here) which quite frankly is hilarious – a must own for any Alan Partridge fan.

Regarding the production deal, Coogan has said: “Alan has been off the TV for too long but he is even more excited than me about his chance to have a second bite of the cherry. Alan feels the second decade of the millennium is the right time.”

So has you can tell, Steve Coogan’s getting back into Alan Partridge character again with so many different shows in the pipework Sky Atlantic really is the TV channel to have! I can’t wait!

And that’s not to mention the big screen adaptation of the Alan Partridge character (which we reported way back on 24th April 2011), which is said to be released at some point next year.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the latest iteration of Alan Partridge on TV and Film or do you reckon this character should be left alone? Is Coogan trying to milk the character too much? Please let me know in the comments section below – I’d love to hear your opinion on the matter!

Also, for those unfamilar with the Alan Partridge character I’ve found this awesome clip summing up the character on Youtube (featuring Simon Pegg)!

via The Guardian

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