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Zombieland Writers take on a Robot Apocalypse with new Sony Movie Epsilon

Zombieland writers on board for Sony's new sci-fi flick Epsilon

That’s right, Sony’s new sci-fi flick Epsilon will be developed by Zombieland writer’s Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick! Can you say awesome?

Read on for the officially Epsilon synopsis – it sounds awesome!


In an age where the Zombie movie had been pretty much done to death, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick managed to breath life into the genre. Zombieland came out of nowhere, grabbed me by the balls and had me laughing my ass off all the while.

The concept was good. The stories were could. The character development was good. The acting was good. The cameo by Bill Murray was fucking out of this world. Everything just clicked into place.

Then I heard about their upcoming movie, Epsilon, and my head damn near exploded.


The concept of the movie alone is an awesome one:

Epsilon is set after an initial robot rebellion ended in failure and Earth operates on almost no electronics. The remaining robots seek refuge on a space station and begin to raise their own human lab rats, which they train to act as their agents. The main character is a man who discovers he is more human than he thought.

Sounds cool, right? Will it be a comedy in the vein of Zombieland? I have no idea. But it is their story, they sold it to Sony and they’ll also produce the movie.

What do you think? Does Epsilon sound like a decent concept to you? Is this a film you’d watch? Will this work if it’s written in the comedy vein of Zombieland? Let me know what you think in the comments section below – it’d be awesome to hear your opinion!

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via The Hollywood Reporter

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