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Shut up and Take My Money Red Dwarf Edition: 5 Awesome Red Dwarf T-Shirts!

Red Dwarf X Gets Air Date!

That’s right, in celebration of Red Dwarf’s epic return to televsion (UK television at least) I decided to put together this little post containing some of the most awesome Red Dwarf T-shirts available right now.

Check it out!

What is Shut Up and Take My Money?

This is a post detailing awesome stuff that any geek would love to own. This post will stop you dead in awe at just how awesome some of this stuff is and it will also make you cry because you’ll most likely want to buy ALL THE THINGS and therefore make yourself bankrupt.

I know, because it happens to me whenever I stumble on some of this fantastical stuff. So I thought I’d share my pain and inflict the same inner turmoil upon you! Mwhahahahahahaha!

In the past we’ve covered a number of awesome shows in this feature such as:

Anyway, here are the Red Dwarf T-Shirts!

Shut Up and Take my Money - 7 Awesome Community T-Shirts and Hoodies.

5. Starbugs Coffee by Robin Brown

Starbugs Coffee by Robin Brown

This first design is a clever stake on the popular coffee franchise logo and name. It’s rather awesome.

Buy this T-Shirt right now for just £16.98 ($27.37)!

4. ‘Give Quiche A Chance’ by Paul James Farr

'Give Quiche A Chance' by Paul James Farr

The ‘Give Quiche A Chance’ t-shirt comes directly from the Red Dwarf show, as worn by Rimmer in the season 3, episode 3 show entitled Polymorph.

The slogan itself is hilarious, but just becasue Rimmer wears it in the show in one of my favourite episodes of all time, I want this t-shirt soooo bad.

Buy this t-shirt right now for just £17.85 ($28.78)!

3. Mr.flibble is very angry by inu14

Mr.flibble is very angry by inu14

This t-shirt comes from arguably one of the funniest episodes in the entire series, season 5, epside 3: Quarantine.

A holovirus sends Rimmer bat-shit crazy and he manages to lock up the other members on the crew up in quarantine. He decides their fate along with his hand puppet friend, Mr Fibble.

And he gets very angry…

Buy this t-shirt right here for just £17.24 ($27.79)!

2. Duane Dibley Anorak Emporium by Adam Angold

The next t-shirt on the list, is from what of the funniest moments in the latter end of the series – The Cat turning into his alter ego Duane Dibley. He’s the ant-Cat. The most uncoolest man alive. The lover of anorak’s, Thermos’ and corn plasters.

This guy:

Duane Dibley

Duane Dibley Anorak Emporium by Adam Angold

Buy this t-shirt right here for just £16.12 ($25.99)!

1. London Jets by synaptyx

London Jets by synaptyx

The London Jets are of course Lister’s favourite Zero Gee Football team (his favourite player is Jim Bexley Speed) and lister can be seen wearing a t-shirt identical to this in thefirst couple of seasons Red Dwarf (which were arguably the best – my favourite was season 2).

Buy this t-shirt right here for just $19.98 ($32.21)!

Red Dwarf X Trailer

What kind of Red Dwarf X post would this be without an awesome teaser trailer detailing what UK viewers have to look forward to this evening! Check it out!

What Do you Think?

Good list of t-shirts? Love the designs? Do you feel my inner geek turmoil? Let me know in the comments section below – it’d be awesome to hear your opinion!

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