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Matthew Vaughan won’t be directing X-Men: First Class 2

Matthew Vaughan won't be directing X-Men: First Class 2!

News just in – Matthew Vaughan won’t be directing X-Men: First Class 2! Read all about it below!

Deadline has broke the news today that Matthew Vaughan has decided not to direct X-Men: First Class 2 after all and suggests Bryan Singer may very well be the man to replace him.

Vaughan who helped write the film is expected to take a step back and simply produce the movie and apparently Singer is the man they want to replace him.

At present no reasons have been given as to why Vaughan has pulled out of directing projects, but he is a director known for being very choosy as to which projects to take on. Perhaps the scope of the proposed Days of Future Past storyline has proven too vast for him to attempt, but given the fact that he helped write the movie I find that very difficult to believe.

Whatever the reason, the studio needs to find a director sooner rather than later with a July 18th 2014 released date confirmed and a script completed the deadline is looming.

What do you think? Will the sequel manage without Vaughan as director? Do you approve of Singer as a potential replacement? Let me know in the comments below – it’d be awesome to hear your opinion!

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