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NBC sets Community Air Date

NBC Sets Community Air Date

That’s right – NBC have finally set the air date for the entirely awesome, if not troubled, comedy series Community! Check it out!


Since the end of the third season of the cult comedy series Community, the show has suffered a number of set backs.

Firstly, the show creator and showrunner Dan Harmon was released from his duties on the show, to replace by Moses Port and David Guarascio – a creaive duo NBC hope will improve the ratings.

Then, earlier this month NBC released a press statement informing fans that season 4 of the show had been indefinitely delayed. Fans, including myself, feared the worst for the show.

Despite the quality of the programme and a cult fan following, the ratings for the show weren’t up to scratch with their peers in the same slot on other networks. Most notably The Big Bang Theory, which I consider a much inferior product (I hope I’m not alone with that statement).


But now, fans have been granted a little hope. Earlier today, it was revealed that the fourth season of Community will in fact air on November 9th on CityTv in Canada.

Mere hours later, US fans gained even better news. Community Season 4 has been confirmed to return February on NBC. That’s right, upon unveiling their mid-season schedule today, Community appeared in its old 8pm Thursday slot.

Althought the delay is somewhat annoying, the show will in fact return in a stronger slot. The show was previously scheduled to air on a Friday this fall, which most will already know is a death slot; it’s where shows go to die.

This has to be a good thing, right?

And, if that doesn’t cheer you up – this will:

Love Community? Then check out some of these awesome T-Shirt designs below…

8. His Star-Burns Bright

Star Burns Bright

In at number 8 on this entirely awesome list, is the “His Star Burns Bright” T-Shirt created by Tom Kurzanski.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show or are wondering just what the hell this t-shirt is about, the design is based on an episode at the end of the third series in which a subsiduary character by the name of Star Burns (he crafts his spectacular sideburns into stars – hence the name) dies in an explosion – he was cooking meth in the back of his van the venture goes terribly wrong.

Or is he? A montage at the end of the season shows that he faked his own death. To what end? Nobody knows for sure, but for whatever reason this design is awesome!

Get the T-Shirt right here for just $26.12!

7. Troy and Abed’s Dope Adventures

Troy and Abed's Dope Adventures

In at number 7 is the awesome “Troy and Abed’s Dope Adventures” design by Megan Lara.

I really like this design really emphasises the childlike relationship Troy and Abed share in the show and also because it’s based on a popular Calvin & Hobbes design.

The inspiration for the design clearly came from Troy’s line in the show “You should be like Calvin. His best friend was a tiger, he always went on dope adventures, and if anything stood in his way, he just peed on it.” which I find totally cool.

Buy the t-shirt right here for $27.65!

6. Inspector Spacetime Blorgon Edition

Inspector Spacetime Blorgon Edition

In at number 6 is the “Inspector Spacetime Blorgon Edition” by RexRayGun.

No Community based list of awesome t-shirt design would ever be complete without an Inspector Spacetime t-shirt. Inspector Spacetime is a fictional television show in the Community universe very clearly based on Dr. Who. The crew wean Abed onto the show after he’s upset that his favourite TV programme has been cancelled.

I think the design is pretty cool and adaptable to a variety of different t-shirt colors. It combines all aspects of Inspector Spactime you need as well as having a real eye-catching design. Awesome.

Buy this t-shirt for just $25.04!

5. Donde Esta La Biblioteca

Greendale Crest

In at number 5 is the “Donde Esta La Biblioteca” design by Megan Lara.

The design name comes from the super awesome Spanish rap Troy and Abed develop in the first season of the show and the design itself is an artist imagining of the Greendale Community College crest. The design features a number of awesome in jokes such as “Annie’s Boob’s” the Monkey, the Chicken Fingers from season one’s “Contemporary American Poultry” show, the Greendale Community College Mascot – The Greendale “Human Being” and of course the man himself Magnitude – “Pop Pop”! Awesome design.

Buy this t-shirt right here for just $27.65!

4. Paintballers


In at number 4 is the “Paintballers” design by WinterArtwork.

I love this design because not only does it reference Community, but it also references one of my favourite film franchises ever – The Ghostbusters. Major geekage and a complete win for me.

The design is based on the entirely awesome “Fistfull of Paintballs” and “For a Few Paintballs More” episodes from the end of the second season. As the titles would suggest, the arc has a very Spaghetti Western feel to it and is a very well crafted story – if you haven’t done already, you should definitely check them out.

Buy this t-shirt right here for just $27.21!

3. Greendale Seven

The Greendale Seven

In at number 3 is entirely awesome “Greendale Seven” design by Mark Wesler.

The design is mash-up of the ultra-stylistic Ocean’s Eleven (the original’s my fav BTW) and the awesome Community story arc at the end of the third season. I love it because the design is just breath-takingly gorgeous to look at as well as being a creative way to do a mash-up. Love it.

Buy this t-shirt right here for just $26.12!

2. Changlourious Basterds

Changlorious Basterds

The runner-up in my list is this “Changlorious Basterds” design by Megan Lara.

I love this design because it’s another great mash-up design, but with one of my favourite movies of all time: Quentin Tarantino’s awesome war movie Inglorious Basterd’s. The design is awesome and no list could ever be complete without reference to the awesomeness of Senor Chang. The design epitomises the character so well from the story arc at the end of the third season it’s unreal and it’s so well crafted. A very deserving second for me.

Buy this t-shirt right here for just $27.65!

1. E Pluribus Anus

E Pluribus Anus

And my FAVOURITE Community t-shirt design is “E Pluribus Anus” by Tom Trager.

One of my favourite laugh out loud moments from the entire show is when we find out that the Greendale Community College flag has been design to remarkably resemble an anus and this is that design. So not only do you get to walk around with, for all intents and purproses, an anus on your t-shirt but you get to walk around with anus made up of 20 awesome iconic artifacts from the show.

I love it – fantastic design, awesome concept.

Buy this t-shirt right here for just $26.12!

What say you?

Like these designs? Have I just financially ruined your lives? Are there any more Community t-shirts out there you like? Let me know in the comments below – it’d be awesome to hear your opinion!

Also, as if I’ve not already dented your bank accounts enough, check out these awesome Community DVD deals below:

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  1. joe says:

    Dude the original paintball episode was Modern Warfare.

    The spaghetti and star wars themed paintball episodes came later.

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