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An Idiot Abroad Season 3 UK Release Date Confirmed and All of Karl Pilkington’s Stories Growing up into one Beautiful Youtube Video

Lean English with Karl Pilkington now available to watch on Youtube!

That’s right – the UK air date for an Idiot Abroad seaosn 3 has announced! Awesome! Also, I stumbled across an awesome video on Youtube comprising of Karl Pilkington’s hilarious stories growing up. Fantastical.

An Idiot Abroad Season 3 – What We Know

An Idiot Abroad Season 3 will be the last season. It won’t be an regular season, it will be three one hour specials. The show will consist of Karl Pilkington, this time joined my Life’s Too Short and Star Wars star Warwick Davis.

What can we expect from the show? Well, according to Gervais:

“The first episode is funny but quite gentle — almost like a real travel documentary,” explains Gervais. “The second episode starts heating up when the arguing starts. And episode three is fucking mental, and definitely the best episode of all the series so far.”

Of all the series. That’s some bold statement, Gervais.

“It gets quite brutal under all the pressure,” he continues, “but it’s an amazing view. Karl also asked one of the most stupid questions ever. He actually said to Warwick at one point, ‘Do you have knees?’ Amazing.”


Air Date

In a Tweet last friday, Gervais confirmed the show would air in the UK on Sky at 9pm on November 30th. No news has been released as to when the show will be released in the US yet, but I would imagine it’ll be at some point next year.

Can’t Wait?

Can’t wait for An Idiot Abroad season 3? Want a little dose of Karl Pilkington in the meantime? Then check out this entirely awesome Youtube video I found. Over 1 hour’s worth of stories from Karl’s childhood. Some featured on the pdocast, but all featured on the XFM shows (which this is taken from). They’re hilarious. I’ve watched this video 50 times already.

Check it out!

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