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Rumour Mill: The Justice League Movie Has Its Villain

Rumour of the Day: The Justice League movie gets its villain

That’s right – a strong rumour has emerged last night suggesting The Justice League has officially founds its villains! check it out!


The proposed villain rumoured to be the major antagonist in the Justice League movie is none other than Darkseid, but this news should be viewed more than just a rumour.

This rumour comes from the rather awesome boys at Latino Review, the same people who predicted Thanos as a major Marvel villain a long time before we got a glimpse of the Mad Titan in the Avengers movie.

Thanos, by Jim Stark’s own admission, was loosely based on the already established Darkseid during it’s creation (visually at least) so it would be nothing less fitting for DC’s Justice League movie, said to be adopting the Marvel Movie Universe for their next run at the big screen, to use the character.

A real reason why I think this rumour has some ground (other than DC’s intention to basically use Marvel’s plan of action as a loose template for their own devices) is because Darkseid is the Justice League’s biggest and best villain and could really give the movie the edge it needs to beat out Marvel. So long as DC get the character, and everything else, right that is.

Darkseid gives the movie more credence and will provide the movie the planetary threat it needs to bring The Justice League team together. Also, with Darkseid being a fan favourite, the villain would be a good way to draw fans in, with the movie’s expected summer 2015 release thought to be competing directly with The Avengers sequel.

What do you think?

Is Darkseid a good choice to be the villain? Is he the only choice? Will DC use the Marvel Movie Universe formula to achieve success on the big screen? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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