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Actor Cast to Replace Michael Clarke Duncan in Sin City 2

That’s right – a replacement has been found to take over from the late Michael Clarke Duncan in Robert Rodriquez and Frank Miller’s Sin City sequel. Who? Find out right here!

Non Linear

In the first Sin City movie, Michael Clarke Duncan portrayed the Manute character who met an untimely end thanks to Dwight and his legion of Whores. But as anyone who has read the comic books know, the stories aren’t linear and much like Marv, Manute is set to return for A Dame to Kill For.

Who will replace him?

Dennis Haybert to replace Michael Clarke Duncan in Sin City 2

Stepping into the late Michael Clarke Duncan’s shoes is no easy thing and Rodriquez and Miller had to select a replacement very carefully. In the end, I believe they’ve found the perfect man for the ominous role: 24 and The Unit’s Dennis Haysbert.

The Heart of Sin City

Regarding the role, Rodriguez and Miller issued a statement about the character and the actor who will now portray him:

“Manute is a character that has been part of the heart of the Sin City tales, and the late Michael Clarke Duncan beautifully established that role on screen. We could not tell the story of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For without Manute and are thrilled to welcome Dennis Haysbert to the cast.”

Manute is the second character to be replaced in the movie, after it was previously revealed that Jamie Chung has replaced Devon Aoki in the role of Miho.

What do you think?

Good casting? Will Dennis Haysbert do a good job as Manute? Let me know what you think in the comments below – it’d be awesome to hear your opinion!

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