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What Can We Expect from Sherlock Season 3? [warning: potential spoilers]

What can We Expect from Sherlock Season 3?

The debate about Sherlock season 3 has been raging since the epic season 2 finale and I thought I’d throw my opinions into the mix.

Here I’ll attempt to examine and perhaps two of the most critical questions Sherlock fans having been asking: Will Sherlock season 3 happen? If so, what can we expect from the show?

Warning: Potential spoilers below!

Positive Words

Yesterday, I posted an article with excerpts from an interview with the fantastical Benedict Cumberbatch. In it, the actor portraying Sherlock said some very positive things about whether Sherlock season 3 will go ahead and as far as he’s concerned it’s a matter of when, not if.

I think it’s safe to say that the cast, crew and creators all want to return to the show and clear up what happened to the super sleuth during the epic season 2 finale.

There’s just one thing standing in the way.


It’s safe to say the stock of both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is on the rise. Particularly in Hollywood. And what self-respecting actor can resist that temptation?

Despite owing the show at least a partial thanks for getting their name’s circulated a little more within the industry, I think it would be rather foolish for them to ignore the allure of Hollywood completely. Granted, Sherlock will definitely be one of the highlights of both actors careers but the projects that have opened up and will open up for both Cumberbatch and Freeman are and must be compelling.

I still believe, however, Sherlock season 3 will happened despite the dizzying allure stardom brings. I think it’ll just be a case of scheduling both principle actors to be available at the same time.

The production has already been pushed back from a early 2013 start to a later 2013 start, with a view to airing the new season in 2014.


But what if there are further scheduling conflicts arise for the actors? Will there be another delay? Like all good cult TV shows, Sherlock has a fan base obsessed with determining exactly how Sherlock survived the fall and precisely why Moriarty decided to kill himself (understandably, a lot of fans don’t believe what they saw on the screen as being the whole truth), but will even they stick around if the show is delayed even further?

I doubt it, but the creators and BBC execs may consider such things should the need arise. But that’s a grim possibility I don’t even want to consider.

So What Can We Expect for Sherlock Season 3?

Pushing aside such negative thoughts, let’s now take a look about what we KNOW we can expect from season 3.

First of all, show co-creator Steven Moffat has kinda sorta revealed which classic Sherlock stories Season 3 will tackle on Twitter.

Leading up to Season 2 of the show he did the same, tweeted 3 word’s as a clue to each episode. Then he did “Woman, Hound, Fall”, meaning A Scandal in Bohemia, The Hounds of Baskerville and The Final Problem respectively. Those clues, once correctly deciphered became fact so we can safely assume this years will too and Moffat isn’t just messing with the fans (which I’m told he has a penchant for doing).

For season 3, he tweeted “Rat. Wedding. Bow.” From which fans have deducted (check out the Wikipedia links if you wish to know more about the stories. Obviously, spoiler alert if you do decide to find out more):

What does this mean?

Other than season 3 will feature some fantastic Sherlock stories, if “Bow” does in fact mean the episode will feature the His Last Bow storyline, there will be no more Sherlock beyond season 3.

Why? His Last Bow is considered to be the final Sherlock Holmes story.

It’s sad, but it’s most likely accurate. As previously mentioned in this article the difficulty on getting the principle actors together is great and after season 3′s massive delay it would be unlikely for the creators to manage another series beyond this one. Cumerbatch and Freeman will be established in Hollywood and probably wouldn’t be in their career’s best interest to continually return to terrestrial TV.

What do you think?

Will Sherlock Season 3 suffer further delays? If so, will the series survive? If made, will season 3 be the last for the epic BBC series?

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3 Responses to What Can We Expect from Sherlock Season 3? [warning: potential spoilers]

  1. duke says:

    i thought there’d be more episodes than 3 per season,,,,what a drag,,,i’ve found the series quite entertaining..

  2. admin says:

    Quality over quantity, my friend!

  3. *collapses* says:


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