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Jason Momoa cast as Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

The Guardians of the Galaxy Comic-Con Concept Art

Following the news that Parks and Recreation regular Chris Pratt has been cast in the lead role as Star-Lord and that Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler were rumoured to be competing for the Rocket Raccoon character in the James Gunn sci-fi movie, it seems another character has been cast. Drax the Destroyer.


The news comes from Marvel scoop masters Latino Review who claim that this past Wednesday Momoa flew to London to do a screen test for the role, along with other Drax the Destoryer candidates Isiah Mustafa, Dave Bautista, and Brian Patrick.

It’s a pretty good the boys over at Latino Review are spot on. After all, it was them who called Thanos a whole year before the Avengers movie even hit the cinema’s and I think pretty much every was taken by surprise by that post-credit appearance.

Who is Drax the Destroyer?

Drax the Destroyer

If you have no idea just who in the hell Drax the Destroyer is, then check out my pretty extensive character overview below (first written in my article “Just who are The Guardians of the Galaxy” post a while back).

Drax the Destroyed has had many incarnations, with a variety of power sets and intelligence levels after being made and remade throughout his Marvel existence. He made his first appearance in Iron Man #55 (1973) and his major notable appearance before Annihilation/The Guardians of the Galaxy was in The Infinity Gauntlet (1991) arc.

Drax was created when Arthur Douglas was killed by Thanos whilst driving through the desert with his wife and daughter. Douglas was given a second chance at life by a Titan named Chronos who captures Douglas’ spirit and transplants it in a powerful new body in an effort to combat Thanos. From that point on, it becomes Drax’s main purpose in life to destroy Thanos.

During the Annihilation War Drax helps fight against the armies of Annihilus and actually takes the opportunity he was born for – killing Thanos. After the war, Star-Lord recruits him for his Guardians of the Galaxy team.

Want to know about the rest of the team? Check out my previous post right here.

What do you think?

I have to say, compared to the other candidates I think they chose right. Momoa will be able to pull Drax off. Do you agree? If not, who would you have cast? Let me know in the comments below – it’d be awesome to hear your opinions!

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