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Archer Renewed for Fifth Season!

Archer Renewed for Fifth Season

Holy shitsnacks! FX have renewed Archer or a fifth season! Yuuuuuup!

The fifth season pic up comes after just several weeks into Archer’s fourth season and I can fully understand why. The characters are so rich and well crafted, they haven’t gotten old. The comedy is fresh, there’s no chance of the show stagnating which viewing figures prove, with rating s growth year upon year. Thus far in 2013, it ranks at cables number 2 slot for men 18-34, just behind The Walking Dead.

FX would be idiots if they didn’t pick it up.

FX have ordered a 13 episode run for the fifth season

“Archer is one the very best comedy series on television,” FX’s EVP Nick Grad said.

When notified of the Season 5 pickup, Reed said, “Thank God.”

When Reed then notified Thompson, he replied in a very Sterling Archer-eque manner with, “Called it.”


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