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Avengers 2 to start shooting in early 2014, Location will be UK

Joss Whedon hints at Bigger Roster for Avengers 2

That’s right – the Avengers sequel gets its shooting schedule!

The time is almost upon us: Marvel Movie Universe Phase 2. It will begin with Iron Man 3 and conclude with Avengers 2 and promises to be even more explosive than Phase 1.

Today, Screen Daily broke the news that pre-production will begin on Avengers 2 later this year in Shepperton Studio’s, looking for a shooting start in early 2014.

Avengers 2 follows on from Captain America and Thor: The Dark World which were also shot in the UK and continues the preference Marvel seem to be showing with Britain – also tending to open movies a week earlier.

I can’t wait to see what Avengers 2 brings us!

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3 Responses to Avengers 2 to start shooting in early 2014, Location will be UK

  1. Slob-O says:

    Why does every shirt have to have a lame catch phrase most would be way better with just the image (especially the Serenity one)

  2. admin says:

    None of them take your fancy then?

  3. Alan says:

    Not filming in Cleveland again? Heard they really liked the facilities there.

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