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Better Call Saul! AMC Eyes Breaking Bad Spin-Off Show Based on Saul Goodman

Breaking Bad

That’s right – we could be getting a Saul Goodman spin-off series! Can you say awesomeo!

Rumours are circulating that AMC and Breaking Bad producers Sony TV are considering giving the green light to a spin-off series based on the fan favourite character, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).

The idea is being formulated by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gillgan and series writer-producer Peter Gould, but nothing has been made official yet. Cool, huh?

Just what kind of show the potential series will be is also a consideration the creators must contend with. As well all know, Saul provides comic relief to the fairy serious show but I’m hope they’re not going with a flat out comedy; I hope they have Saul deal with all his other serious clients.

But I’m sure as hell not going to second guessing or questioning Vince Gillgan’s creativity; Breaking Bad has been one of the most addictive TV shows in the last 10 years or so (maybe longer) and I know whatever the hell he has cooked up will be awesome!

What do you think

Would you like to see a Saul Goodman spin-off show? Or would you prefer Vince Gillgan to concentrate on bringing us something new and equally awesome to become addicted to? Let me know what you think in the comments below – it’ll be awesome to hear your opinion!

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Los Pollos Hermanos

Los Pollos Hermanes Breaking Bad T-Shirt Design

The first design, Los Pollos Hermanos, was created by colorhouse and makes reference to “Albuquerque’s Favorite fictional chicken joint”. It is of course the fictional fast food chain in which Season 4 antagonist Gus Fring operates his drugs trade from.

The design is great and makes use of the distressed print look that I personally like.

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Better Call Saul Breaking Bad T-shirt Design

The next design is “Saul” by ShakDesign.

Saul Goodman is one of my favourite characters on the show and it just wouldn’t be a good list if there wasn’t at least one Saul-based design.

I like the design because it integrates the character, his business catchphrase “Better Call Saul” and the colour scheme of the show in one neat package. Excellent design.

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Heisenberg and the Cartel of Death

Heisenberg and the cartel of death breaking bad t-shirt design

The next design is the rather awesome “Heisenberg and the Carter of Death” by ninjaink.

This is the first mash up design in the list and combines two entirely awesome things the entertainment industry has to offer – Indiana Jones and Breaking Bad.

I think the concept of this design is very clever and I really like the color scheme the designer used. An excellent t-shirt that I might just have to add to my own collection…

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I am the Danger

I am the Danger Breaking Bad T-Shirt Design

Next up, the “I Am the Danger” design by Tom Trager.

I love this design. It incorporates some of the greatest lines Walter White comes out with in season 5 of the show and is just totally awesome. The design concept, colors and the layout is perfect. This has to be in my top two designs from this list.

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Bad Men

Bad Men Breaking Bad T-Shirt Design

Next up is “Bad Men” by IG-HateyHate.

Another mash up t-shirt, beautifully combines the iconic Mad Men image, replacing Don Draper with Walter White, all within the Breaking Bad color and design scheme. Nice!

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I am the Danger 2

I am the danger

The second t-shirt on the list which references Walter White’s iconic line from the fifth season of the show, is brought to us by Stylo and is available in a variety of formats including iPhone cases and posters (as well as t-shirts/hoodies etc).

The design displays the line in the Breaking Bad style using the periodic table to highlight certain letters and is just plain cool.

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Danger Walt

Danger Walt

Another favorite of mine, is this “Danger Walt” design from D4N13L.

Another mash up, though slightly obscure to some, of the cult UK cartoon Danger Mouse and of course Breaking Bad.

I like the design partly because of the cool cult reference and partly because it just plain works. Excellent t-shirt to own this one.

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Enjoy Heisenberg Blue

Enjoy Heisenberg Blue

The next design in the list goes by the name of “Enjoy Heisenberg Blue” by urhos.

This design incoporates the iconic Coca-Cola styled logo with the backbone of the Breaking Bad story – Walter White’s brand of meth. It works so well not only because it’s visually pleasing, but because of the underlying concept. Walter White intends for his Meth, “Blue”, to become the same kind of brand that Coca-Cola is. Clever stuff.

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Heisenberg Pest Control

Heisenberg Pest Control

The next design is “Heisenberg: Pest Control” and comes from Landon Cassell.

This is a pretty cool design encapsulating a number of aspects from the fifth season of the show. I like this design because it looks cool and is basically a well conceived design concept.

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Breaking Dead

Breaking Dead

The last t-shirt on the list is “Breaking Dead” by kgullholmen.

What’s not to like? It’s a mashup of my two favourite TV Shows – Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead and it’s totally cool. The work the designer has put into the zombie versions of Walter and Jesse is juist breathtaking. Awesome design.

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