Want a FREE Breaking Bad T-Shirt?

GeekZenith is giving away 3 entirely awesome Breaking Bad t-shirts! Want one? Then head over to The Great GeekZenith Give Away Page and follow the 3 easy steps to enter.

The Great GeekZenith Geek Give Away!

What is the Great GeekZenith Give Away?

The Great GeekZenith Give Away is a massive ‘thank you’ to all of my fellow geeks out there who read GeekZenith and like the cut of my jib (or not, but still read my articles anyhow).

This is where I get to give something back to my awesome readers. Something so cool, you’ll probably break down and cry (yes, that was a reference to a popular Guns N’ Roses song lyric).

So what am I giving away exactly?

This entirely awesome t-shirt with the below Breaking Bad “Empire of the Crystal” print!


Cool, right?

How to Enter

To enter The Great GeekZenith Geek Give Away you have to do 3 simple things.

  1. Like the GeekZenith Facebook page (if you’re already a fan, you can skip this part).
  2. Like and share the GeekZenith Great Give Away post on Facebook. You can find the post right here.
  3. Comment on the post with the size of the t-shirt you require (we have 3 sizes – M, L, XL). You can find the post right here

And that’s it!

Competition Rules

  • The winner will be selected at random.
  • The competition will only end when the GeekZenith facebook page hits 500 likes – so the faster you share with your friends, the faster the competition will be over.
  • The competition will end exactly on the 500th like of the page. Any likes over that number will not be eligible for this give away, but will be automatically eligible for the next.
  • Once the winners are selected, they will be posted on the GeeZenith Facebook page, whereupon there will be a request for the winners addresses.
  • The t-shirts are US sizes, so non-US citizens please bear that in mind when stating your size preference. Once the competition is over, you cannot change your preference nor will GeekZenith replace your t-shirt should the size not fit correctly when you receive it.
  • Whilst GeekZenith pays for postage and packaging to whichever country you’re in, we can’t be responsible for extra charges applied by the mail service of your country.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, head over to the GeekZenith Contact Page.